Monday, March 7, 2011

Stricklen's Highland Festival!

"Who stole me haggis??!!"

What fun we had at the Stricklen's recent Highland Festival! All things Scottish were the order of the day. Of course, in the excitement, I left the good camera home (see Sarah and Mary, it is true -- I am not a photographer!) So these were, once again, taken with the faithful, ever-present camera phone. Not good, but better than nothing!
And, since I was playing the keyboard for her, I did not get a picture of Abigail singing "Scots Wha Hae" (??), but Abby's rendition always brings tears to my eyes -- "By oppressions woes and pains, by your sons in servile chains, We will drain our dearest veins, but they SHALL be free!"
Hey, Nathaniel laddie, ready for the Highland Festival? Let the Games begin!
Granddaddy had a shoulder injury and remembered last year's men's games, so he joined with the bonnie lassies in the sack race!  Guess they are just younger than he is . . .
CJ prepares for the stone toss . . .
Little Isaac gave it a good try . . .
Little Wills gives it a heave!
Now where did that thing go???
Mr. Patrick Franklin in true Highland form
Flying cabers! Michael Doolin sends it flying.
Andrew Stevens gives the stone a heave -- good foot form, Andrew!
Sweet little Caraline Waldman enjoys the games in her own unique way, and mama Renee enjoys Caraline!
Beautiful ladies bask in the beautiful Florida February afternoon!
What fun to have Ron and Sue Whicker (Uncle Ron, Aunt Sue) join us! I don't think Nathaniel sees them often enough!
Sam Doolin knows when it's time to come in out of the mosquitoes! A wonderful time was had by all, and we look forward to next year. Thank you, Stricklens! 
For much better pictures, see Mary will eventually get some fine shots up. I did not pick and choose my pictures for this post; this is practically all that were decent enough to see! I spent most of my time in the "geezer tent" and forgot to take pictures!  Told you I am not a photographer!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

"The Holidays" Part 1

Well, it has been quite a while, hasn't it? So, here are some pictures of the last few weeks in our family.  We traveled to Missouri/Arkansas in October/November to see our children and the beautiful leaves changing. After a couple weeks, we headed back to Florida for a couple of weeks, then back to Missouri for Thanksgiving. What a blessed, though busy, time that was!

The picture above won't go anywhere else, so I am leaving it there. When we came home to Florida between jaunts to Missouri, sweet Sarah came back with us.  What a treat for Grandmother and Granddaddy! Here she adorns an old pecan tree at the Red Barn Pecan Farm in Leesburg, GA.  We loved stopping there on the way up and back! Delicious, fresh pecans, and the manager had gone to Bible School near our home in FL, so we had common interests.  God has His people everywhere!

On the way up and back, we were blessed to stop at the Powers' home in Georgia. They sweetly feed us and offer the most pleasant sleeping room for us. We love stopping there, and hope to return the hospitality someday, if we can convince them to travel to Florida.
Sweeties Mary and Callie Stricklen came up to Missouri for Thanksgiving with their family. What a blessing to have the family together for Thanksgiving! The Stricklens loved spending time with their cousins and getting to know the little ones better.

Three Little Sisters (I titled this one because of another pictures further down!)  How precious to have all three of my little girls together!

Daughter Molly and me at Thanksgiving time in Missouri
Well, how's this for out of order?  Darlin' Child Margaret Anne on our lovely trip to the Barn Antiques in Florida before Christmas. We girls love going to the Barn every December, and it has become an anticipated tradition!
What fun to get into "Cranium" as a family! We even got some of the "men" to do charades, act out songs, draw blindfolded -- what fun!  It turns out that everyone now wants Abby and Gracie on their team -- they have become the champs -- Grandmother loses her title!

Cranium is serious business, y'all!

On the way home, mid-November, Sarah in front of the Langston House, one of our favorite places to stop (part of Henderson Village in Georgia). It is such a lovely place -- a collection of old Georgia homes, now a bed and breakfast and wonderful restaurant.

Can you tell Grandmother is basking in the attention of darlin' grandsons who have become men of God! I love spending time with them, and it is far too rare!

On the way home with Sarah, we also stopped at the Whiddon home in Georgia. What a precious family! They always welcome us like they love us (which they do!) and make our stay blessed, whether long or short! Thank you, dear Whiddon family!

Back to Missouri:  Granddaddy loves getting down on the floor with the little ones. Here, the hallway makes a great staging area for building with blocks. It is so precious how the little ones from Florida just fit right in within a few minutes, and they are best of friends before they have to leave.

Sweet Ashley turned out to be a real animated Cranium player!

While we were in Missouri, a friend of the Dischers turned 90, we were invited to go with them for her birthday celebration.  The Discher girls chose to honor her with an Andrews sisters song, "Three Little Sisters", from the '40s era.  Here they are dressed in Army, Navy, and Marine (kinda) outfits, which portray the song well.  They did an absolutely fabulous job! Well done, girls!
Okay, one more Cranium picture!  Even the little ones loved getting into the act! Can you tell Abigail is quite engaged?

Granddaddy and C J at the Red Barn. C J learned a lot about how the pecans are picked and processed, and we loved having him and Abby on one of our trips home.

 Thank you, Lord, for enabling us to travel back and forth to see our dear ones, and for your hand of mercy on our travels!   Coming soon (hopefully!) Holidays Part 2 !

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Trip to Arkasouri!

 What a blessing to be able to travel back and forth between Florida and Arkansas/Missouri to visit children and grandchildren!  Especially in this season, I love the fact that we can go up to see the leaves change -- "leaf peeping!"  Before we left, though, I wanted to post a little of Florida's fall colors.  Above is a beautiful golden rain tree in the town near us, and every year, it turns glorious yellow in the fall. 
Shortly after, it begins changing to soft pink, above, or deep pink, and the blossoms turn into funny little Chinese-lanternish little blossoms. I love it -- it is so unique!  The tree above is the same tree as the previous picture, only a week or so later.  You can still see some of the yellow in the middle of the tree. Florida does have wonderful fall color, even though it's not maple or hickory or sumac!

The sweet Stricklen family (well, not sure where Mary is) and "cousin" Amanda saying goodbye as we get ready to leave. Below, we board the RV for another exciting trip!
The faithful cleaning and packing crew left little surprises we discovered all along the way.  When we opened the Lipton box, out jumped . . .!
Not sure what kind of trees these are, but we loved seeing them.
This was the best welcome, though!  Little sweeties (plus Sarah's new goat!)  And below, not-as-little sweeties, Kitty and Gracie, making things all autumny.  Beautiful girls! So glad to see you!
Granddaddy got his hands on a couple of little rascals.  Clay and Paul have grown so much since last we saw them!  What a contrast in personalities!  Clay is quieter (Ashley says not all the time!) and more placid than Paul, who is always on the go, banging on something!  What precious little men of God in training!

Markie's home-raised pumpkin anchors a wonderful centerpiece that says "Fall" to me!  Our trip was a perfect Fall adventure for this grandmother!  More to come.  Thank you, Lord, for traveling mercies and the blessing of family who welcome you with open arms!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

La abuelita es Escurridizo

Well, I am finally the owner of a new camera, one I don't have to share with the "business"!  Hopefully, I will learn its ins and outs so I can take pictures like Mary! (As grandson Daniel used to say "airquotes -- yeah, right!") Anyway, I love the picture above, and think it is pretty good. It is our dear friends, Patrick and Kellipaige Franklin in our breakfast room one Sunday after church. What a lovely time we always have with them!

So, we'll see if  you can teach an old dinosaur new tricks, and if new cameras can make up for old incompetencies!   Oh, I figured if Mary titles her post in Spanish, maybe I should, too.  I mean, it will be especially meaningful to three young ladies who forgot I would get my camera back from them!


Molly and Chris stayed for dinner the same day, and I thought this was such a good picture of them! I love the clarity of this new camera, as compared to my phone camera!

Beautiful Callie Sue! Love your sweet smile and curly hair, girl!
O-o-o-kay! My camera ended up at a sleep-over, and I think we have discovered some hidden . . . ummm, talents??  Wackiness?? Latent tendencies??  Abby's true identity:  The Fonz meets ... Dr. Jeckyll??

 Mary, Lois Lane in disguise?? Nancy Drew's no-nonsense best friend?? Sarah Palin wannabee??
Mandie Sunshine -- what can I say?  Future Red Hat Lady?
Oh, my starz!!  You don't want to meet these women in a dark alley!
Don't mess with the Stricklen Girls!

Okay, ladies, if you are desperate at midnight, I will personally buy you a gallon bag of gumballs!
Let's end this whole escapade with the Charmer, Mr. Grins, Nathaniel!  He never fails to give you the most heart-warming smile!  Love you, little boy, and miss you!


Thank you, Lord, for the peace and blessings you have placed in my life.  Why would anyone not want to serve You with all her heart!