Monday, March 7, 2011

Stricklen's Highland Festival!

"Who stole me haggis??!!"

What fun we had at the Stricklen's recent Highland Festival! All things Scottish were the order of the day. Of course, in the excitement, I left the good camera home (see Sarah and Mary, it is true -- I am not a photographer!) So these were, once again, taken with the faithful, ever-present camera phone. Not good, but better than nothing!
And, since I was playing the keyboard for her, I did not get a picture of Abigail singing "Scots Wha Hae" (??), but Abby's rendition always brings tears to my eyes -- "By oppressions woes and pains, by your sons in servile chains, We will drain our dearest veins, but they SHALL be free!"
Hey, Nathaniel laddie, ready for the Highland Festival? Let the Games begin!
Granddaddy had a shoulder injury and remembered last year's men's games, so he joined with the bonnie lassies in the sack race!  Guess they are just younger than he is . . .
CJ prepares for the stone toss . . .
Little Isaac gave it a good try . . .
Little Wills gives it a heave!
Now where did that thing go???
Mr. Patrick Franklin in true Highland form
Flying cabers! Michael Doolin sends it flying.
Andrew Stevens gives the stone a heave -- good foot form, Andrew!
Sweet little Caraline Waldman enjoys the games in her own unique way, and mama Renee enjoys Caraline!
Beautiful ladies bask in the beautiful Florida February afternoon!
What fun to have Ron and Sue Whicker (Uncle Ron, Aunt Sue) join us! I don't think Nathaniel sees them often enough!
Sam Doolin knows when it's time to come in out of the mosquitoes! A wonderful time was had by all, and we look forward to next year. Thank you, Stricklens! 
For much better pictures, see Mary will eventually get some fine shots up. I did not pick and choose my pictures for this post; this is practically all that were decent enough to see! I spent most of my time in the "geezer tent" and forgot to take pictures!  Told you I am not a photographer!

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Enjoyed your post, Grandmama! It was great!

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